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    পালি, ভারত আবহাওয়া

    ভারত ও আবহাওয়া উপগ্রহ চিত্র
    Latest INSAT satellite Image of India for 22 February 2017
    ভারত ও আবহাওয়া উপগ্রহ চিত্র
    Latest METEOSAT satellite Image of India for 22 February 2017

    টুইটারে আবহাওয়া
    The 4th phase of the #UPElections2017 is to be held tomorrow and both the parties tried to turn tables in Allahabad.
    Wednesday, February 22 14:50Reply
    Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das, clearly stated that the govt has no plans to introduce 1000-rupee notes.
    Wednesday, February 22 14:14Reply
    #Rain and #snow are expected to continue over East #Jammu and #Kashmir and adjoining #HimachalPradesh.
    Wednesday, February 22 13:32Reply
    Corbett Tiger Reserve has issued a shoot at sight order of poachers to prevent killing of tigers in the reserve.
    Wednesday, February 22 12:49Reply
    Weather Forecast For February 23 Across India: #Weather #Forecast #India
    Wednesday, February 22 12:00Reply
    उत्तर-पश्चिमी भारत और मध्य भारत में तापमान में कमी का सिलसिला आगे भी जारी रहेगा। #Hindi #Weather
    Wednesday, February 22 11:00Reply
    Take a look at the latest #satellite images and maps of #India.
    Wednesday, February 22 10:30Reply
    केंद्र सरकार ने 2022 तक सौर ऊर्जा से 1 लाख मेगावॉट बिजली उत्पादन का लक्ष्य निर्धारित कियाI #Hindi
    Wednesday, February 22 10:00Reply
    Around 150 homes were damaged due to tornadoes and 46,000 customers were left without power in parts of San Antonio.
    Wednesday, February 22 09:30Reply
    Weather conditions in UAE once again took a turn when #rains made an appearance over #Dubai yesterday.
    Wednesday, February 22 09:00Reply
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