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Rajasthan, Delhi, U.P witness baking summer heat, dust storms likely

June 5, 2014

According to the latest weather update by Skymet Meteorology Division in India, baking summer weather in Delhi is only going to get worse for the next three days and a possible dust storm on the 8th and 9th of June may also fail to bring any relief from this heat. With mercury surging to 47⁰C, Rajasthan will maintain its position of being the hottest in India. Uttar Pradesh is not be far behind either as heat wave conditions are likely to be observed in the state.

Rajasthan - The traditional Indian heat wave makes its presence felt in Rajasthan first and then travels to Delhi and other adjoining states. But what makes this summer different from other years is that severe heat wave in Rajasthan is being accompanied by hot day conditions (minimum temperature five degree above normal). While the day is sizzling at 47⁰C in most cities, night is also extremely uneasy at 33⁰C. Dust storms reported in west Rajasthan after a weather alert sent out by Skymet Weather yesterday, brought no relief from the intense heat. Forecasts suggest more such dust storms with hardly any change in the mercury levels. The hottest city in India was Churu in Rajasthan. The maximum temperature recorded in the city on Wednesday was 47.1⁰C.

Delhi – Hot weather in Delhi came in breaks this summer with just about three major heat wave spells in the month of May, when the maximum exceeded 43⁰C. On Wednesday, the maximum temperature of 43.7⁰C recorded at Safdarjung Observatory equaled the maximum recorded on the 30th May when Delhi witnessed a massive dust storm. Thursday in Delhi could be the hottest day of the season as the maximum is expected to settle around 45⁰C. Such high maximums could trigger a dust storm  on the 8th and 9th of June. But since the dust storm will occur towards the second half of the day, there will not be any respite from the heat.

Uttar Pradesh – Uttar Pradesh is currently in the news for all the wrong reasons including extreme heat and prolonged power cuts these days. While officially there is no heat wave in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday, the maximum temperature touched a searing 46.1⁰C in Allahabad, three degrees above normal. Weathermen predict temperatures will continue to stay around 42 to 44⁰C throughout the week. Some of the other hottest cities were Agra 45.1⁰C, Aligarh 44⁰C, Jhansi and Sultanpur 44.8⁰C.

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