Weather forecast for the week in India shows warmer days in India. Day temperatures would keep rising in almost entire India during the week. The weather in India will have rain in extreme south. There could be snowfall in Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in the hills and mountains.

North and Northwest India
The weather forecast for the week shows snowfall in Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh in mountains during two to three days. This snowfall will occur over even higher grounds than those receiving it till now. Northwest Jammu & Kashmir is harbouring a weak Western Disturbance that would give rain and snowfall while moving northeastwards.

The weather in India in northwest plains remains unaffected by such Western Disturbances from here on. Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, west Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan are unlikely to get affected by the Western Disturbance over Jammu & Kashmir. Though minimum temperatures may rise due to wind conditions that could change for a short period on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Another Western Disturbance would arrive over Jammu & Kashmir from 9th of March onwards. This feeble weather system too will keep the weather in Delhi aloof of changes. But again the minimum temperatures like on Tuesday and Wednesday could rise on Saturday and Sunday due to the expected weather system (WD) over Jammu & Kashmir.

Central India
Like northwest plains, night temperatures would rise on Tuesday and Wednesday as winds may set in from southeast. Minimum temperatures could again rise by up to 2 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. Rain is not expected in the region. Day temperatures in these parts are near normal but gradual rise in day temperatures would keep the daytime warm and dry during the week. Due to more sunlight and long day hours, temperatures would rise in these parts by this time of the year.

East India
East India enters the week with below or near normal day temperatures but they would turn above normal as the week progresses. The maximum temperatures have dropped due to some clouding during the last two days. The arrival of Western Disturbance could stabilize the day temperatures later in the week possibly on Thursday or Friday.  Rain is unlikely this week in the region.

South India
The week in south India starts with rain in extreme southern parts of Tamil Nadu. Rain will increase and spread to more places in coming two to three days. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka could have rain at a few places during the period. An easterly wave emerging out of the low pressure area in southwest Bay of Bengal is bringing rain in these parts. Rain will reduce after the next 72 hours. The rest of the week might go without rain.