Skymet leads weather forecast by innovation and has a multitude of forecast solutions catering to various industry verticals. Skymet is the only private weather forecasting agency in India that runs its own numeric weather prediction models. Skymet has developed (3 day) precipitation at village-level granularity, 24/48 hour weather forecast in 15 minute increments, medium term (15 day) daily precipitation forecast, seasonal and monsoon forecasts. Key sectors include power companies, media conglomerates, farmer information services, agricultural input producers, logistics operators.


We help energy utilities to estimate power demand by providing them a 24/48 hour weather forecast in 15 minute intervals. Weather determines our energy consumption & production. Extreme weather spikes energy consumption in urban markets while drier monsoons push up agricultural demand. Weather parametres decide induvidual comfort/discomfort, mechanical efficiency and supply of natural resources. Seasonal and monsoon predictions also aid energy utilities in long term planning..Skymet offers wind forecast for renewable energy. We have worked in Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan.


Skymet forecasts weather for agri-input companies and farmer information services. Our customers use our monsoon predictions for their supply chain management. As their products are weather sensitive.
We strengthen our clients brand while farmers enjoy our support. Skymet has extensive experience of working with information aggregators, rural development banks and NGO.Skymet monitors crop acreage/health/yield using cutting edge remote sensing technology & UAV's.