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@SubratDas12 You can check the 15-day weather forecast for #Hyderabad here: t.co/9fdosc7EOf
Tuesday, July 28 15:24Reply
Good news for Southwest #Monsoon in #India, no more typhoons in the Western #Pacific READ MORE: t.co/X1Ve08wIRO
Tuesday, July 28 14:49Reply
Parts of #Gujarat record 3-digit rainfall in the last 24 hours FULL STORY: t.co/MunilYINcP #AhmedabadRain #Ahmedabad
Tuesday, July 28 14:42Reply
@24mercury You can check the 15-day weather forecast for #Almora here: t.co/jsnmJxbkNG #Uttarakhand
Tuesday, July 28 14:40Reply
RT @GaneshRKatre: @SkymetWeather Mumbai weather today in psycho mood. All happening raining, sun shining, cloudy...
Tuesday, July 28 14:38Reply
@deedeedsouza Our prediction of normal rainfall in July is for the entire country and not just Mumbai.
Tuesday, July 28 13:41Reply
@ManojG7 To know about countrywide cumulative deficiency, kindly read our update page: t.co/Vhr34qOKzA
Tuesday, July 28 13:21Reply
RT @jindal__sonu: @SkymetWeather its continuously fifth day that rain has marked its presence in Bhilwara rajasthan
Tuesday, July 28 13:19Reply
RT @deepaksahu8735: @SkymetWeather raining with wind speed 35-40 km/h in chittorgarh at southeast rajasthan
Tuesday, July 28 13:12Reply