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Kolkata in December
Historical Weather of Kolkata in Dec
Max Temperature

27.0 81° cf

Min Temperature

14.3 58° cf


32.5 91° cf

 (7th 1972)

7.2 45° cf

 (22nd 1966)
Monthly Total
7.4 mm
No. of rainy days
Total in wettest month
64.5 mm  (1883)
Heaviest rain in 24 hours
55.3 mm  (9th 1973)
Weather in Kolkata
Located on the banks of River Hooghly, Kolkata is the capital of India's eastern state of West Bengal. The city is famous for its love for literature, art and culture.
Seasons in Kolkata
Winters in Kolkata
Winter lasts for only about two-and-a-half months, beginning from December till mid-February. During this, maximum temperatures settle in mid 20s, while minimum temperatures record below 16°C.
Summers in Kolkata
This city witnesses hot and humid summers from March to June. With maximum temperatures settling in mid 30s, however, it would occasionally exceed 40°C in May and June. April and May are also considered to be the pre-monsoon months, during which city witnesses series of thunderstorms or dust storms.
Monsoon in Kolkata
Southwest Monsoon affects city between June and September, giving majority of its annual rainfall. During this season, city witnesses heavy rains with average rainfall of around 1200 mm.
Places to see in Kolkata
Kolkata is popularly known for its literary, artistic, and revolutionary heritage. Thus one gets to see lots of museums, art galleries and libraries. Calcutta Victoria Memorial hall is a very famous museum that was established in the year 1921 and give you an insight of city’s history. Another is Howrah Bridge situated on the Hooghly river and is also the busiest bridge in the world. Other attractions include Fort William, Marble Palace, Nicco Park, National Library and the famous cricket stadium, Eden Gardens.

Satellite image of india and weather conditions March 26, 2017
Latest INSAT satellite Image of India for 26 March 2017
Satellite image of india and weather conditions March 26, 2017
Latest METEOSAT satellite Image of India for 26 March 2017

Heatwave conditions to persist over MP, Maharashtra, AP, Telangana
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Rain and thundershowers may occur over Northeast India and southern parts of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Sunday, March 26 13:39Reply
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