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    தர்றாங், பாரதம் வானிலை

    இந்தியா மற்றும் வானிலை செயற்கைக்கோள் படம்
    Latest INSAT satellite Image of India for 23 February 2017
    இந்தியா மற்றும் வானிலை செயற்கைக்கோள் படம்
    Latest METEOSAT satellite Image of India for 23 February 2017

    ட்விட்டர் வானிலை
    Thursday, February 23 19:31Reply
    Seven miniature #frogs discovered in the #WesternGhats:
    Thursday, February 23 19:00Reply
    @Ban_note Weather over entire #Delhi will be warm with clear skies. Pleasant weather overall. #NoTrolling
    Thursday, February 23 18:50Reply
    Seven things to know about the new #planets discovered by #NASA: #TRAPPIST #Exoplanet
    Thursday, February 23 18:30Reply
    [#Hindi] दिल्ली में साफ मौसम के बीच बढ़ेगा तापमान: #Weather #Delhi #DelhiNCR
    Thursday, February 23 18:00Reply
    #SupremeCourt notifies industrial units, shut if can’t treat effluents:
    Thursday, February 23 17:40Reply
    #MSDhoni ditches flight for train ride after 13 years: #MSD #Dhoni #CaptainCool #Humble
    Thursday, February 23 17:10Reply
    Positive IOD may negate the effect of #ElNino. Still too soon to comment on the status of #Monsoon.
    Thursday, February 23 17:04Reply
    #Mysore already reported 27 #H1N1 cases and two deaths from Jan-Feb this year: #SwineFlu
    Thursday, February 23 16:40Reply
    Thursday, February 23 16:10Reply
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