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    दिल्ली सहित समूचे उत्तर-पश्चिम भारत और पूर्वोत्तर राज्यों में कुछ स्थानों पर हल्की से मध्यम बारिश दर्ज की जा सकती है।t.co/CJHBmVBhj8
    Tuesday, August 30 22:00Reply
    Monsoon remained subdued over most parts of Kutch, West Rajasthan, Vidarbha, Marathwada. t.co/xrqcI6CCaY
    Tuesday, August 30 21:30Reply
    During the next 24 hours, the state of Kerala will continue to witness light to moderate rains. t.co/uLZFgTqTZV
    Tuesday, August 30 21:00Reply
    #Monsoon is expected to pick up pace over Coastal #Karnataka. MORE: t.co/1pFiAJOB5j
    Tuesday, August 30 20:30Reply
    Tuesday, August 30 20:09Reply
    As of now, rains are likely to take a short break for the capital city of #Maharashtra. MORE: t.co/6AvAA7dovz #MumbaiRains
    Tuesday, August 30 20:00Reply
    Take a look at the #weather forecast for the week in #India from August 29 to September 4. t.co/UGqBUSk9ZB
    Tuesday, August 30 19:31Reply
    The #Niño 3.4 index continues to below the threshold neutral value, around -0.6°C. t.co/D5bYvmnTVL
    Tuesday, August 30 19:00Reply
    Intense thunderclouds are hovering over East #UttarPradesh near #Kanpur, #Allahabad and adjoining areas. t.co/8IwBkc2Ejd
    Tuesday, August 30 18:22Reply
    #Jammu in Jammu and #Kashmir is the rainiest city in India with 97 mm of rain. MORE: t.co/VixS2xgxpF #Monsoon2016
    Tuesday, August 30 18:00Reply