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    Entire #US is expected to witness soaring temperatures for the next three months: t.co/Q2H6bP34MK #UnitedStates #HotWeather #NewYork
    Tuesday, July 26 20:45Reply
    Weather Forecast for July 27: #Monsoon rain in #Mumbai, #Delhi & #Kolkata; #flooding rains in #Assam. DETAILS: t.co/EJg9aVG9uQ
    Tuesday, July 26 20:15Reply
    Tuesday, July 26 19:45Reply
    @RajeshVG86 light to moderate rains are expected to continue for next few days
    Tuesday, July 26 19:28Reply
    #Monsoon continued to be active over #Northeast India, giving fairly widespread heavy rains: t.co/xEZ2AoX0Bm #Darjeeling #Gangtok
    Tuesday, July 26 19:15Reply
    @YatharthMishra_ expect scattered light rains over Jaipur for next few days
    Tuesday, July 26 19:13Reply
    RT @DineshShewale1: @SkymetWeather its raining heavily #Nashik
    Tuesday, July 26 19:05Reply
    RT @RajeshVG86: @SkymetWeather heavy rain at Hyderabad
    Tuesday, July 26 19:05Reply
    RT @Abhishreshtha: @SkymetWeather its raining heavily frm past 1 hour in jhansi, UP.
    Tuesday, July 26 19:05Reply
    #Kerala still continued to be the most deficient state in Peninsular #India: t.co/M68o4HT2hD #Kollam #Kozhikode
    Tuesday, July 26 18:45Reply