Career in Agro Chemicals: Know the different avenues

Career in Agro Chemicals: Know the different avenues

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Career in Agro-Chemical

Agriculture and allied activities have undergone a massive change in the past few decades. In today’s time, the agriculture world is driven by scientific knowledge and uses new technology and research to improve production and prevent crop damage.

The agro-chemical industry is a key component of agriculture today. For agro-science enthusiasts, the agro-chemical industry today offers a wide spectrum of career opportunities from laboratory to farms. The agro-chemical industry is breaking new ground every day with new developments like introduction of green chemistries, introduction of plant breeding techniques, use of latest soil testing techniques and biological products.

This particular sector has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, with research and development being recognized as key to solve crop issues and improve yields. The research further specializes in the domain of insects, weeds and crop diseases.

Let us have a look at different fields wherein one can opt for:

Agro-chemical Marketing: Agro-chemical marketing seems to be a fruitful career. Marketing of agro-chemicals targets both retailers as well as farmers directly. Having a knack of rural marketing is also very important for the same.

Pesticide Regulatory Specialist: Licensing and registration is an integral part of the agro-chemical industry. Statutory compliance with respect to the health and environment laws of the nation and state, and new product registration are the main functions of a regulatory specialist.

Quality Assurance Expert: Crop testing specialists test the agro-chemical products on the crops. While, monitoring and reviewing raw material information, detecting environmental changes, and inspecting equipment, materials and crops are part of the job of QA Expert.

Agro-chemical Formulation Scientist: New product development and direct involvement in designing are the exciting opportunities that await a formulation scientist in agro-chemicals.

By now, it is clear to all of us that agro-chemical industry offers new and exciting career opportunities to nurture and grow in.

Image Credit: International Atomic Energy Agency

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