Monsoon Rains: Playing games with PM Modi since 2014

Monsoon Rains: Playing games with PM Modi since 2014

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Monsoon Rains: Playing games with PM Modi since 2014Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy and Monsoon rains are of great significance for agriculture. So much so that right from the common man to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, all hope for good Monsoon rains. However, it is the Monsoon rains that have not been in favour of any.

Neither did the common man get to see the magic of Monsoon, nor could PM Modi enjoy those drops of rain boosting the Indian economy. Narendra Modi was elected as the Prime Minister of India in May 2014, soon after, rain gods turned their backs against him.

Monsoon 2014, which was also the first Monsoon under his reign turned out to be a massive drought event. In fact, the country witnessed the worst rains in five years. The Monsoon 2014 ended on a deficiency of 12 percent.

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Thereafter, there were hopes of a good Monsoon in the year 2015. However, as the Monsoon season ended in September 2015, El Nino’s effects were all the worse for the country. PM Modi saw the second year of drought in his five-year term with the country witnessing barely 86 percent of Monsoon rains.

As the year 2016 came into being, hopes of a good Monsoon rung in as La Nina replaced El Nino. The monsoon rains last year were normal at 97 percent. However, the major agricultural belts did not receive much rains and the economy did suffer.

In fact, not only did the common man suffer but Modi’s economic ambitions have also been bearing the brunt for quite some time as rain gods continue to play the Monsoon game.

Now, the Monsoon 2017 forecast is out and as per Skymet, below normal Monsoon rains at 95 percent are on the cards. Rains are likely to be lesser than last year. This means that for the fourth time in a row, PM Modi and his economic dreams may be the sufferer in this complex game played by nature.

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