Standing crops in Madhya Pradesh damaged due to hailstorm

Standing crops in Madhya Pradesh damaged due to hailstorm

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After a prolonged dry spell over the Central India, rain coupled with hailstorm made comeback over Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and few places over Jharkhand. The last documented rainfall was on January 26, 2017. This unseasonal rain & hailstorm has made the farmers anxious as such weather activity has damaged the standing crops in many villages of Madhya Pradesh.

As per reports, many districts of Madhya Pradesh such as Sehore, Raisen, Narsinghpur and Vidisha have recorded rains with hailstorm. This rainfall has damaged the Wheat, Gram and Mustard crops standing on thousand acres of land. Though, the size of crop damage is not known. Most of the early sown Rabi crops are ready to harvest but such heavy rains with hailstorms is very much likely to damage the entire crop before harvesting.

Such unseasonal rains are due to a cyclonic circulation over Chhattisgarh and adjoining Odisha. Along with cyclonic circulation, a Confluence Zone also formed over East Madhya Pradesh which had aggravated the hail activity. This weather activity was short lived & now that dry weather to look forward, farmers can take a sigh of relief.

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