Know what Bali has in store for travellers this Christmas

Know what Bali has in store for travellers this Christmas

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Christmas in BaliChristmas is round the corner and the foremost difficulty in front of everyone is in the form of the question: “ Where to go for this Christmas?” It is that time of the year, for which one waits religiously after toiling in for a year long labor. Christmas a rightful synonym for festive spirit, is the time when drinks flow uninterrupted, different delicacies gets relished and swallowed without the remotest hint of guilt,waist line gets bigger and happiness gets doubled.

Bali is a suitable destination to enjoy such euphoric exhilaration, during the time of Christmas celebration. It is an Indonesian island famous for beaches, coral reefs, volcanic mountains and paddies. It is a wonderful location for spending a worthwhile vacation and pampering your senses.

Unlike the European countries, which are excessively cold during the month of December, Bali is comparatively warm. However, Bali usually, in the month of December gets ample amount of showers and gets wet. So people planning to go to this region should be ready for some showery scenes. Nevertheless, rains in no sense diminish the spark of Christmas.

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Bali offers abundant amount of checkpoints to cover for those who plan to go to there with family. One of such place is Bali Equestrian center. It is a horse riding spot, which offers private and group horse riding lessons. Those interested in the sport can dive right into it, while those who want to try their hand at it can also take the plunge. Next is the Sacred monkey forest in Utud, which currently has 600 long tailed macaques. Family members can enjoy walk in beautiful lush green surroundings, making their way to the sacred temple. Brace yourself to meet the monkey families of mothers and infants grooming each other.

Moreover, one must be careful about one's bags as the monkey's their tend to be the biggest thieves. This usually is amongst the favorite list of spots for kids. Another place for the little ones is the Cubby House Kid's club, for kids between 2 to 12 years of age. One of the best hotels to stay in Bali is Mariott Hotel in Nusa Dua. The hotel hosts a sumptuous Christmas eve buffet dinner. The hotel also has a Christmas choir performance.

Bali is also the home for those who want to party hard and enjoy the endless flow of spirit of choice. For those who want to taste a little jingle in their bells, these are the places that they shouldn't miss: Potato Head(sEminyak), Hu'u (Seminyak), Deus ex Machina( Caggu), Kude Ta ( Seminyak) W. Retreat and spa (Seminyak) There are various sites to enjoy the festive dining. The name of some of the places are, The Slow(Caggu), Da Maria(Seminyak), Ginger Moon, Five elements, Sardine.

For the love birds, who are out to enjoy the Christmas glee together, Bali is not a disappointment in any way. It is a site for myriad spots for having romantic meals. Some of the romantic restaurants are; La View Restaurant at Kapu Kapu, Rock Bar at Ayana Resort , Tandjung Sari, Seaduction Bar.

Furthermore, Bali is a shopper's paradise. It has a variety of shopping malls and flea markets to haggle. Different locations to shop are, Beachfront Discovery Shopping Mall, Matahari shopping centre, The Ubud Art market.

Asian countries are fond of fireworks and Bali has some elaborate display of these alluring sights. One can enjoy these sparklers along the beach and rooftop bars in Bali.
Hence, Bali is home to numerous number of glimpses and is pertinent for being called a perfect travel destination spot. It is also a faultless destination for celebrating Christmas for those who want it bright and colorful in the midst of sand and beaches and not white and snowy.

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