Rain, Snow likely to hit Tibetan Plateau, China

Rain, Snow likely to hit Tibetan Plateau, China

06:07 PM

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On and of rains were a part of China for the past few days, however, the country has remained far from recording some heavy showers. Most parts of China still remained dry.

However, now the National Meteorological Center conjectures that from today to November 23, rain and snowfall are likely in eastern and southern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, eastern Tibet and West Sichuan Plateau. In fact, moderate to heavy snowfall is also likely to hit southern Qinghai, northeastern Tibet, and northern West Sichuan Plateau.

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Impacted by frosty air, the temperature of northern parts of the Yangtze River are likely to drop by 4-6℃ significantly more than 8℃. Strong gusty winds are also likely to hit eastern Northwest China, central western North China and central southern Northeast China. Light to moderate snow will fall in northeastern Inner Mongolia and central northern Northeast China.

Moreover, the cities in South China are also anticipated to observe more cloud and rain while overwhelming precipitation influences southwestern Yunnan on November 23.

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As per Skymet Weather, the Western Disturbance which was over Jammu and Kashmir is likely to move in an easterly direction that is expected to result in good rains over China.

Whenever a Western Disturbance approaches, it bifurcates into two arms, one arm moves south of Himalayas and thus gives rain over the northern plains. The other arm moves north of the Himalayas which gives rain and snow over China.

When it travels further east, it can encounter Tibetan plateau and give rain activity there which is the case at present. These rains will continue for the next 2-3 days.

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