Heatwave in Karachi claims 64 lives; no respite likely

May 22, 2018 4:43 PM |

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Soaring mercury levels in Karachi resulted in a tragic event which claimed more than 60 lives in the last three days during the holy month of Ramadan. In fact, as per the media reports, the number of deaths is being estimated to be around 100 since the weekend.

On Monday, the temperature of Karachi hit the sweltering 44-degree mark and is expected to rise, which may worsen the conditions further. Most of the deceased people have died at home as they were not taken to hospital on time. The deceased belonged to different age groups, ranging from 16 years to the ones aged 78. Moreover, the majority of the deceased were from the colonies of Landhi and Korangi town.

As per the Meteorological Department, Karachi is expected to remain dry as no rains are anticipated over the province as of now. Under its influence, the weather of Karachi would continue to swelter under heatwave conditions in the range of 40-43 degree Celsius.


Moreover, as Karachi is a coastal station, the weather condition is humid which is aiding to this severe weather condition. In addition to this, power failure and lack of greenery also played havoc in large areas of Karachi.

Now, in the wake of heatwave conditions to prevail, residents of Karachi are advised to stay indoors and do not step out unless required.

In June 2015, approximately 1,200 people in southern Pakistan, died during the heatwave, mainly the victims were homeless people.

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