Heavy rain and snow lash Pakistan, intensity to reduce

February 13, 2018 7:23 PM |

Pakistan SnowMany parts of Pakistan have been witnessing rain and snow for the past two to three days. In fact, heavy snowfall has also been observed over the higher reaches of the neighbouring nation of India. All thanks to the Western Disturbance which was persisting over North Pakistan before moving eastwards.

Meanwhile, the Western Disturbance induced a cyclonic circulation over Central Pakistan and adjoining areas which resulted in rainfall over the lower reaches of Pakistan.

Thus, in the last 24 hours from 8:30 am on Monday, Malamjabba recorded 66 mm of rainfall, Islamabad 63 mm, Dir 63 mm, Cherat 46 mm, Lower Dir 45 mm, Saidu Sharif 43 mm, Risalpur 39 mm, Murree 39 mm, Kakul 34 mm, Balakot 31 mm, Kamra 28 mm, and Mirkhani 27 mm.


As far as snow is concerned, Malamjabba recorded 30 inches of snow, Murree 15 inches, Rawalakot 9 inches, Kalam 7 inches and Dir 06 inches.

Now, as per weathermen, isolated snowfall is expected to occur over the hilly reaches of Pakistan due to the remnants of the system. Otherwise, weather will clear up over the region for a day.

Thereafter, around February 15, another Western Disturbance is expected to affect the Western Himalayan region, which is expected to result in more snow over the hilly regions of Pakistan, however, the activity will not be as widespread as the last one as the system is not as active as the previous one.

Around February 23, another Western Disturbance may affect the Himalayas which is expected to be strong enough to result in good rain and snow over the region for a prolonged duration.

Image Credit: Quora

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