Sky high temperatures and sweltering heat to continue its hold over Pakistan

June 2, 2018 9:47 AM |

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At the moment, the country of Pakistan continues to sizzle with intense heat. Monsoon is a long way to go, i.e., when Monsoon hits West Rajasthan around July 15 that is the time when it is most likely to arrive in Pakistan. This period is brief, nearly of two months.

Despite late arrival beyond July 15, Monsoon current remains mild over Pakistan, giving no extreme weather activity throughout the country. Only when strong/active Western Disturbances approach, then it pours some good spells over the country.


Presently, the heat is at its peak in many parts of Pakistan, mainly the southern and central districts. For many days, the country has been witnessing maximum even exceeding 45 degrees in place like Jacocabad that recorded a maximum of 51°C. This was the highest of this season at this place.

There were several others wherein the day tempearture settled in higher 40s such as Sibi 49°C, Rohri 48.5°C, Khanpur 47.5°C and Pad Idan 47.5°C.

Rains remained far away from the country and hardly any showers have been witnessed. In fact, thunderstorm or dust storm also abated the country unlike northwestern plains of India.

The prevalent weather situation could be attributed to two consecutive cyclones that moved towards Yemen and Oman Coast. There is an upward movement of these strong weather systems along with the sinking motion in the peripherals. This skyward surge of the system ends up giving rain and thundershowers, whilst the descending wave results in extreme heat. Moreover, such storms also control and change the wind pattern, thus moulding the weather conditions.

As per weather experts, mainly hot and dry weather is expected to prevail in most cities including Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, DI Khan, Sibi and Makran divisions into the first week of June. The temperatures are are predicted to remain higher than average through the first week of June, with no chance of rain at the moment.

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