Rains likely over Luzon, Visayas in Philippines

Rains likely over Luzon, Visayas in Philippines

04:15 PM

Weather in Luzon post

Light to moderate rains with few heavy spells are expected in parts of Luzon and the Visayas today.

These rains could be attributed to the cold front that would bring rains to Quezon, Bicol and Eastern Visayas. The sky conditions will be cloudy over these mentioned regions that might trigger potential flash floods and landslides.

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A cold front is formed when an advancing cold air mass displaces warmer air in its path that could cause the displaced warm air to rise, leading to the development of clouds that will be followed by rain and thundershowers.

Meanwhile, the Northeast Monsoon would give light rain in Cagayan Valley, Ilocos, Cordillera and Central Luzon. But these rains will not be significant enough to have much impact over the region. During this period, partly cloudy to cloudy sky is anticipated.

The rest of the country, including Metro Manila, will only witness isolated rain and thunderstorms today during the afternoon or evening hours. But if in case, these isolated rains intensify and become heavy, there could be flash floods.

The weather bureau has announced that La Niña may activate in December. This weather phenomenon is considered by more rain, low temperatures, and strong winds from the east.

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