Cold spell over North Thailand, heavy rains in Southern districts

Cold spell over North Thailand, heavy rains in Southern districts

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Thailand, a country at the center of the Indochinese peninsula is situated in south-east Asia. Thailand's climate is controlled and governed by monsoon winds, that have a seasonal disposition. The south-west monsoon spans from May till October is designated by the motion of warm, moist air from the Indian Ocean to Thailand, cause abundant rain over the country.

The northeast monsoon, spanning from October till February, is a harbinger of cold and dry air from China over most regions of Thailand.
In the last 24 hours, South East and southern parts of the country received rain at many places. Bangkok remained dry. Maximum temperature observed was 32 degree Celsius and minimum 24 degree Celsius.

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A strong high-pressure area is expected over North- East parts of Thailand, which would cover north central and east regions. The cooler spell is likely to cover with strong wind. The temperature may decrease overall by six to eight degree Celsius, in the upper parts(North, northeastern and central regions) of the country including Bangkok.
The mountain tops may get a very cold spell with isolated frost. While the southern part will get more rain during next 48 hours. Particularly in the northern parts of Thailand, cold conditions during the morning with fog is predicted along with isolated frost and easterly cool winds will prevail at a speed of 15 to 30 kmph.

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Below is an individual assessment of weather conditions in various regions of Thailand-

Central parts of Thailand-
The morning will remain cold with foggy conditions. The temperature may drop by 3 to 4-degree CelNortheasterlysterly winds are expected at a speed of 20 to 35 kmph.

East Thailand-
Sky will be partly cloudy, with fog at some place. Morning temperature may drop by 3 to 4 degree Celsius. Easterly winds may prevail by 15 to 30kmph.

South eastern Thailand-
Rain is likely over lower parts of this region. Scattered rain-thundershower with isolated heavy rain would fall in some parts. North easterly winds will blow between 20 to 45 kmph.

Southern Thailand-
Most of the area is likely to receive rain. Heavy fall is expected in some parts. North easterly wind speed will be 20-35kmph.

Hence Thailand is predicted to have sufficient amount of rains.

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