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5 diseases you should prevent in winter

December 24, 2012 4:35 PM |

The brief rain spells, increase in humidity levels and decrease in mercury during winters in India results in rise and escalation of following diseases:

Acute asthma
Respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, acute asthma attacks are common these days. Sudden cold is the main culprit; as most people are not properly clad. People find the thin winter air difficult to breathe in, especially those who already have a medical history. The best option is to keep yourself well covered, especially the nose, chest, head and hands, while stepping out.

Joint pains
Joint aches and stiffness is also a common complaint when the temperature drops. Besides wearing warm clothes, it is also advisable for people to not use cold water; especially those suffering from bone diseases such as arthritis, and avoid venturing out during mornings and evening as far as possible.

Skin and hair quality
Dry skin, pigmentation, dandruff and dry hair is also common in weather. Beauty experts advise to not use hot water to wash hair as it damages hair follicles. A hot-oil massage before shower and a wash with lukewarm water is prescribed. A good quality hair serum before stepping out should be used. Keep skin well moisturized and apply sunscreen before going out.

The kind of food one eats also makes a lot of difference in winter, as certain food items boost immunity and help maintain body temperature.

It is better to do light exercises indoors rather than going for morning or evening walks in this weather. Place a rug or a mat on the bedside to avoid placing your feet on the cold floor in the morning after getting out of bed. If you feel stiffness in hands and feet, keep them in lukewarm water for 10 minutes, while moving fingers and toes slowly.

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