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5 fruits you should enjoy in winter

December 27, 2012 4:46 PM |

Pomegranate seeds are high in polyphenols, plant chemicals that fight inflammation. Mix the seeds into oatmeal for more flavor and crunch.

Guava has a slightly spicy flavor, like cinnamon. Bonus: The yellow-to-bright-red beauty gives you as many antioxidants as broccoli does. Peel and eat the guava fresh, or puree the pulp and add citrus juice, onion and spices for a sauce to pour over grilled chicken.

Cut through its thick skin to get the juicy insides: Papaya is a great source of skin-saving vitamin A and Papain, an enzyme that aids digestion. Use chopped ripe papaya to sweeten spicy tomato salsa. If it’s still green, shred and toss with sesame-soy dressing for an Asian slaw.

A naturally occurring hybrid of tangerine, grapefruit and orange, one Citrus fruit delivers nearly three quarters of a day’s dose of vitamin C. Section it as you would an orange. Use the juice in glazes and sauces, or cut up big chunks to add to fruit salad.

Prickly pear
It sounds sharp, but the prickly pear is actually mild and tasty. One cup has nearly 10 percent of your daily calcium requirements. Most of the rind’s needles are removed by the time the fruit reaches your market. Peel and section, discard seeds and add to cereal.


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