$500bn per year to refreeze arctic is brilliantly insane

$500bn per year to refreeze arctic is brilliantly insane

06:37 PM

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When the time is right one can achieve anything they wish for, but it seems like time is right to think and do the unimaginable. To fight the lost Arctic Ice, plans to refreeze the entire Arctic is in motion. This does sound like a Bond-villain plan but only in reverse.

It is no news that the global average temperatures are rising and at some places it has reached to unfathomable heights. As much as absurd it may sound but by the end of 2030, the Arctic Ocean is likely to be ice-free. This plan to refreeze the Artic is taken up by a group of researchers. And this mammoth of a task will be achieved by installing around 10 million wind-powered water pumps, around the region.

Researchers from the University of Arizona have come up with the study say that the pumps would bring water to the top of the ice in the winter, where it would freeze. This will eventually add an additional metre of thickness over the course of the season.

Image Credit: sciencealert.com