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Climate Change to affect temperatures in Northeast India

December 17, 2015 3:36 PM |

Climate Change to result in temperature rise in Northeast IndiaClimate Change will increase temperatures across Northeast India in the 2030s, a study explains. The Indian Network of Climate Change Assessment (INCCA) has been assessing the impact of climate change. The study was based on four important sectors of the Indian economy, including water, natural ecosystems, biodiversity and health, and agriculture.

Four climate sensitive regions of India were included in the study, the North-Eastern region (NER), the Coastal Area, Western Ghats, and the Himalayan region. The study mentions factors including an increase in precipitation with variable water yield, overall warming, spread of Malaria and threats of its transmission for a longer duration, change in the composition of the forests, which are likely to adversely affect human beings.

As per the report, the northeastern region (NER) will witness a rise in the temperatures by 1.8 to 2.1 degrees Celsius. Also, the mean annual rainfall is likely to increase by 0.3 to 3 percent in the 2030s. This increase in temperatures may result in the reduction in rice production and will also adversely affect the health of the people.

Due to an increase in the rainfall activity, soil erosion is likely to occur, which in turn will affect tea plantations and other agricultural activities. The occurrence of landslides will also increase due to higher precipitation activities.

In 2008, National Action Plan on Climate Change was formulated to fight climate change. During the 12th five year plan, a scheme on Climate Change Action Programme (CCAP) was launched to address climate change issues. Under this programme, studies on climate change in the Northeast is also an important component.

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