Flying cars might be a one step forward towards a greener future, says study

Flying cars might be a one step forward towards a greener future, says study

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Flying cars have always been a fad among the techies and geeks. With big players like Uber coming in the scenario the ‘Harry Potter’ future doesn’t seem like a distant dream- not at least in the recent study published in Nature Communications, which further adds an edge to the fact- flying cars are sustainable too!

The study notes that ‘flying cars can emit fewer greenhouse gases than the ground-based vehicles we drive around today’. There are a few terms and conditions to this statement- this depends on how far the vehicle is traveling and how many people are riding along.

Whenever a vehicle takes off, the most amount of fuel is used in the take off and the landing. Giving in some cues involving numbers-

  • Any trip shorter than the 21-mile mark doesn’t count up to the sustainability of the flying cars.
  • However, as the trip exceeds distances longer than 62 miles with just a pilot would result in greenhouse gas emissions that are 35 percent lower than the emissions from gas-powered cars taking comparable trips.
  • That ride would still emit 28 percent more greenhouse gases than an electric car with a single passenger.
  • A fully loaded flying car with three passengers results in 52 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than a gas-powered car and 6 percent lower emissions than an electric vehicle with the average 1.54 people per ride

Data from the study reveals that the flying car might be a better option over a gas-powered car. It however just can compete with the electric option. Flying cars at present might not be the best option for going grocery shopping. These however, with ample people used over a good distance can go a long way saving us chunks of fuel.

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