Intense Hurricane keeps USA on its toes

Intense Hurricane keeps USA on its toes

06:08 PM

hurricaneEven as hurricane Cristobal moves rapidly in North Atlantic Sea, it is generating life-threatening surf and rip current conditions from central Florida to North Carolina. The Hurricane may also affect beaches of the U.S. East Coast from North Carolina to Long Island in New York. It has already caused at least seven deaths.

The hurricane's maximum sustained winds early Thursday were near 75 mph (120 kph) with no significant change in strength in the forecast over a couple of days.

Fortunately though, hurricane Cristobal is predicted to be less intense and unlikely to cross coast in comparison to the hurricanes U.S.A has witnessed in the past during August end.

Hurricanes turn deadly in August end

History has it that five deadliest hurricanes ever to cross US coast caused landfalls in the August end to early September. Out of these five, four crossed in the August end, much before the peak of hurricane intensity, which is around 10th September.

5 most deadly hurricanes to cross the USA’s coast in the past

  1. Labor Day Hurricane - Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 with a central pressure of 892 millibars had landfall in the Florida Keys, is the most intense hurricane on record to hit the United States. A combination of winds and surge had caused 408 fatalities.
  2. Hurricane Camille in 1969 left 143 people dead as this strong hurricane devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Over 100 people perished in Virginia from Camille's landfall.
  3. Hurricane Katrina is one of the costliest natural disasters in U.S. history that will take time to fade. Katrina delivered a billion-dollar blow to South Florida as a rapidly intensifying Category 1 hurricane. Katrina struck both Florida and the central Gulf Coast as a highly damaging hurricane.
  4. Andrew was a small hurricane but caused extreme winds at the southeast Florida coast. The intense winds caused catastrophic damage in southern Florida, destroying or damaging approximately 125,000 homes.
  5. Indianola caused a devastating blow in 1886. The storm hit the coast of Texas, wreaking property destruction in a number of towns, and resulting in a number of deaths.