Pollution, Climate change feature in BJP poll manifesto

Pollution, Climate change feature in BJP poll manifesto

03:49 PM

The Bharatiya Janata Party has taken cue from the recent studies carried out on global warming and climate change by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It has added steps to mitigate affects of Climate change and pollution in its Lok Sabha election manifesto released on Monday in Delhi. Here are some steps that have been promised to be taken once Narendra Modi's government comes to power.

Take climate change mitigation initiatives with all seriousness

The government will work with the global community and institutions while opting for a path of sustainable development and environmental protection within the country.

Clear Production

The government will try to promote "cleaner production" methods and will conduct environment audits of all projects in the country.

Pollution Indexing

For the first time, "pollution indexing" of cities and townships on scientific basis will be prepared. Government will promote the concept of pro-active 'carbon credit' which will help institutions to vigorously reduce their carbon footprint by opting for cleaner methods of production.

National Mission on Himalayas

This mission will be launched to create the 'Himalayan Sustainability Fund' and set up a central university dedicated to Himalayan technology to help the government conserve Himalayan ecology and arrest melting of glaciers.

Along with these above measures, setting up pollution control mechanism, using wastelands for social forestry, bringing guidelines for green buildings and energy efficient work places, bringing fool proof mechanism for protection and preservation of wildlife, encouraging citizens to participate in reforestation and promotion of environmental technology are some of the other promises made by the party.