These cities are going green and in the most unexpected ways

April 6, 2019 8:30 AM |


As surprising at it may sound, stuff like cow dung, plastic bottles and cockroaches are helping the Earth go green. Let’s tell you how-

1. Karachi and Cow-dung

Karachi will be the first of kinds city which is going green and in the most unexpected way. A 30 km zero-emission bus network is soon getting launched in the city that will be powered by methane. The methane will be produced using cow-dung that will make it the world’s first bio-methane hybrid bus fleet. UN-backed Green Climate Fund and the Asian Development Bank have stepped in to fund the same.

2. Shandong, China and Cockroaches

Shandong in China is making use of cockroaches to get rid of 50 tons of food waste every day. The city just like many, produces loads of food waste that can hardly be accommodated in a landfill.

After the waste has been fed to the cockroaches, the waste can afterward in turn be fed to pigs as a protein-rich diet.

3. Plastic in Beijing and Surabaya

What’s better than having to pay your bus ticket with the recycled plastic? Well, now it’s made possible! In Surabaya, a two-hour bus ticket costs 10 plastic cups or up to five plastic bottles, depending on their size. Whereas in China’s capital city Beijing, ticket machines in the subway can now take plastic bottles as a payment method.

4. Copenhagen and carbon neutrality

The green city of Copenhagen plans to become completely carbon neutral by 2025. This is quarter of a century ahead of the targets set in the Paris climate agreement. The city already produces electricity for itself, which is mostly wind powered. Virtually all of Copenhagen’s 600,000 residents own a bicycle, and the city has 375km of cycle lanes.

Do you still want more inspiration to cut down your carbon footprint?

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