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Want to save the planet? Change your lifestyle

March 6, 2016 5:25 PM |

Want to save the planet? Change your lifestyleClimate Change has already given us an endless number of trailers to prove that it is for real and strict measures need to be taken.

So much so that even the legendary Leonardo DiCaprio mentioned Climate Change in his winning speech at the Oscars 2106.

Recently, the Ministry of Environment and Forests has been taking steps to do their bit for climate change. The Ministry has initiated a series of lifestyle changes for improving the conditions.

While practicing Yoga instead of treadmill could be one such change, ditching the elevators and taking the stairs could be another eco-friendly measure.

Burning less fuel is another important step. Thus instead of taking your car to work, you could use your bicycle. This change will not only help you in burning less fuel, but it also helps you stay fit and healthy.

Kids these days have become couch potatoes. One should ensure to send those little ones outside to play instead of watching TV all day. Not only will they stay fit but it will also help in reducing the annual carbon emissions.

Recycling paper is another way in which one can contribute their bit to saving our beloved planet. Instead of disposing of that half used paper in the garbage, put it to some use. After all, as Leo says, we have only one planet.

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