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8 Ways NASA has made life easier on Earth

February 29, 2016 4:40 PM |

NASA has been hell bent on finding life outside of the Earth. The space trips by astronauts, Curiosity Rover on Mars, what’s there in interstellar space, the US space agency has done all that it takes to leave us humans on Earth awestruck. However, this is not it. NASA has done much more than that; it has made life easier for us here on our beloved planet Earth. Check out these eight things that NASA has done, which has made life better, more convenient and way more interesting.

Firefighter Protection Gear

8 Ways NASA has made life easier on Earth

While you may have been thankful to the firefighters for saving people from disastrous fire incidents, there is someone else you must thank. It was NASA, which helped develop polymer textiles to be used in vehicles as well as spacesuits. (Image Credit:

Anti-Icing Technology

8 Ways NASA has made life easier on Earth

Usually, aircraft face a problem of the accumulation of ice on their engines and wings. NASA has spent years in trying to figure out a way to get rid of the problem. The agency has also found measures for getting rid of ice accumulations on rail tracks. (Image Credit:

Memory Foam

8 Ways NASA has made life easier on Earth

Researchers who were funded by NASA figured out a way to develop memory foam to help pilots stay cushioned during their flights. It is because of the same memory foam that you can sleep in comfortable beds and wear better shoes. Those sofas and movie theatre seats are also a result of this great invention. (Image Credit:

Digital Image Sensors

8 Ways NASA has made life easier on Earth

If you can click innumerable selfies and other images, it is because of NASA. Most digital image-capturing devices use the CMOS active pixel sensor, which was invented by NASA. This happened when the space agency required interplanetary missions to have miniature cameras. (Image Credit:

Food Safety

8 Ways NASA has made life easier on Earth

To ensure the safety of spaceflight packaged foods, NASA went on to create Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), in partnership with the Pillsbury Company. The same technique is used now to keep our food items chemical and biological hazard free. (Image Credit:

Baby Formula

8 Ways NASA has made life easier on Earth

When NASA was working hard to develop life support for its Mission to Mars, the researchers funded by NASA developed a natural source of an omega-3 fatty acid, which is found in breast milk. The same ingredient is now being used for making infant formula making the development of babies better. (Image Credit:

Scratch Resistant UV lenses

8 Ways NASA has made life easier on Earth

Scratch resistant, sunlight filtering lenses were developed by NASA in the 1980s for protecting the human eye and for colour enhancement. Now, safety masks of welders, ski goggles and sunglasses use the same lens. (Image Credit:

Emergency Blankets

8 Ways NASA has made life easier on Earth

The first time NASA developed emergency or space blankets was in the year 1964. Now, these blankets have found a place in emergency kits and are also being used in sleeping bags as well as outdoor clothing. (Image Credit:

Story first published by The Huffington Post


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