Denmark sets example for the world, produces country's 140% electricity using wind power

Denmark sets example for the world, produces country's 140% electricity using wind power

12:48 PM

Denmark Wind PowerFossil fuels are losing the race against renewable sources of energy and a windy Thursday in Denmark is proof of that. Last Thursday, on July 9, wind farms in Denmark produced 140% of the country’s power needs. The country recorded a surplus of 16% during the day, which then swelled to 140% overnight.

Denmark’s mind-blowing achievement is another example of how the global outcry for clean energy is finally being addressed, at least in some places. Solar energy is making strides and so is wind energy. A world driven by 100% renewable energy is not too far away, experts believe.

Climate change triggered by both natural and human factors has become a pressing global issue. Over the years, Denmark government has provided a sound and crucial financial backing to the installation and development of wind farms in the country. The progress has been so good that Denmark is likely to produce half of its energy needs via wind mills before the year 2020. However, Denmark’s enthusiasm for wind energy isn’t shared by all nations. Britain’s wind industry met with a serious debacle when the David Cameron led government shared their decision of withdrawing support for onshore windfarms from next year.

In India, wind power development kick started in the year 1990. But advancement of the industry in India has been simply outstanding. Despite a late start, as compared to other wind industry bigshots, India currently houses the fifth largest installed wind power capacity in the world. While windfarms have cropped up across the country in states like Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and others, India is still mulling over the idea of undertaking wide scale aggressive investment in off-shore wind power plants.

The demand for renewable sources of energy is on the rise. In fact, it is the need of the hour. But at the same time, commendable efforts have ensured that the gap between demand and supply is kept at an achievable level. With Denmark enjoying the fruits of nature in the real sense, other nations must step up to the occasion, and take a closer look at alternative sources of energy.

(Featured Image Credit: theguardian.com)