Largest telescope of World to be up and running soon, to explore beginning of universe

Largest telescope of World to be up and running soon, to explore beginning of universe

01:36 PM

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The world's largest radio telescope is one bit nearer, with Australian scientists adding last bits of work on the Square Kilometer Array in the remote West Australian desert.

The Square Kilometer Array (SKA) is an international venture that will see the world's biggest radio telescope built across two continents. The SKA will be capable of imaging tremendous territories of the sky with resolution that surpass the Hubble telescope. The SKA will incorporate over 100,000 low-frequency antennas in Australia and several dishes in South Africa, all cooperating to create a total area of 1 square kilometer.

The SKA will help researchers take a gander at how galaxies were formed right after the Big Bang, revealing some magnetic field and dark matter secrets. In fact, the telescope will also help in finding indications of extraterrestrial life.

However, building a radio telescope that ground-breaking requires beating genuine structure and development challenges. Presently researchers at CSIRO, Australia's national science office heading up the Australian side of the venture, have uncovered exactly the stuff to get the world's greatest radio telescope running.

"We're setting the preparation to have 132,000 low-frequency SKA antennas in Australia. These will get amazing measures of information," said CSIRO SKA framework consortium director, Antony Schinckel.

"The data flow will be on the size of petabits, or a million billion bits, every second - more than the worldwide web rate today, all streaming into a solitary building."

Each one of that data requires its own foundation, including 65,000 fiber optic cable for transferring data from antennas to the supercomputing facilities at SKA.

Image Credit: SKA Organisation