Snow Moon: Biggest supermoon of 2019 to be visible in India tonight

February 19, 2019 12:26 PM |

Snow moon

The biggest supermoon is all set to make an appearance tonight and the good news is that us Indians will also be able to witness the super snow moon.

This supermoon occurs during a full moon as it is expected to be the closest in its orbit to Earth. The supermoon occurring in the month of February is called a snow moon also. The snow moon title was given as it was a month where heavy snowfall was observed in Europe and Native America.

Last year in February, there wasn’t any full moon terming it as black moon. The same way, there was a super Blood wolf moon in January wherein there was an eclipse, and the moon turned red in colour. In fact, a supermoon is also likely in the month of March as well.

The supermoon will be about 583 kilometers) closer to us than the supermoon in the last month. The moon this time will be bigger and brighter. In fact, the moon will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than the smallest moon in September.

During a full moon, the time of sunset and the moon rise timing coincide and there is very little difference between the two.

Now, let us take a look if the weather will let you see the snow moon as bright as it is in your city:

Delhi: Talking about the city of Delhi, national capital will have clouds, which is why the snow moon may not be very clear as compared to the other cities. The moonrise time in Delhi will be at 6:00 PM

Mumbai: Clear sky conditions will help Mumbaikars to see the snow moon as clearly as possible. Tides are going to be slightly higher due to the full moon. The moonrise will be at 6:30 PM

Bengaluru: Conditions in Bengaluru will be fairly ok with slight cloudiness in the evening. However, full moon will be visible to a good extent with the moonrise time being at 06:17 PM

Kolkata: Skies will once again will be clear in the City of Joy with the residents being able to see the snow moon clearly. The moonrise time is at 5:21 PM which means it will be visible much before than the other cities.

Chennai: Cloudy skies with rain is likely in the city of Chennai which means that the snow moon may not be clearly visible. The moonrise time here will be 6:07 PM.

Hyderabad: Sky conditions in Hyderabad will also be cloudy with the snow moon being not as visible in the City of Nizams as well. The moonrise time will be at 06:09 PM

Image Credit: WTOL

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