Vidarbha heat wave: No drinking water for heatstroke patients

June 9, 2014 6:02 PM |

With day temperatures remaining in higher forties for the last one week or so in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, the intense heat has further dropped the ground water levels and local hospitals in the region are struggling to provide drinking water to the patients admitted here after found unconscious on the road as intense heat took over them in last few days said a report published at

“Many people including children have been admitted to the local hospitals due to heat stroke and to add to their misery they were not provided with drinking water as the water levels have gone down due to intense heat wave. Only two people have been identified from the 12 victims of the heat wave and the local administration is trying to ascertain the identity of the rest”, said the report.

Another report published in the Nagpur Today website said that the blistering heat, without mercy and without warning, claimed 9 more lives in city taking the toll to 19 so far. Nine people died due to sun stroke in various parts of the city. The list published by the website of the people who died due to heat stroke shows that eight of the nine people were above 50 years indicating the vulnerability of elders during the heat wave conditions.

However, the latest weather update by Skymet Meteorology Division in India indicates a respite from the heat wave conditions persisting for last one week in Vidarbha as maximums in Nagpur and other areas are expected to drop due to change in winds from northerly to southerly during the next 24 to 48 hours.


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