2014: Hottest Ever For UK

2014: Hottest Ever For UK

10:19 AM

2014 Hottest Year In UKThe year 2014 was the hottest year for United Kingdom (UK) since records began in 1910. The average temperature for the year was recorded some 1.1°C above the long term average. The average temperature for the year was 9.9°C which is higher than the previous record year of 2006 which observed an average of 9.7°C.

Although no particular month experienced record temperatures, each month remained consistently warm. Eleven out of twelve months were warmer than average. In the month of August, the temperatures even fell below the average. But the persistence of warmth was deemed highly unusual and in turn resulted in a record breaking year of warmth. 2014 was the warmest year on record for all nations as well as regions in the UK barring northern Ireland. Another interesting stat reveals that UK's top ten warmest years on record have occurred since 2002.

As per the Central England Temperature (CET) series, dating back to 1659, the mean temperature for 2014 was 11°C which beats the record of 10.9°C observed, once again in 2006.

Additionally, the year 2014 was also the fourth wettest year in records which dates back to 1910. Heavy rainfall in the months of January and February made major contributions in this regard. Even the months of May, October, and November observed wetter than average conditions. Also, now five of UK's six wettest years have taken place since 2000 clearly indicating towards climate change.