After early November snow, White Christmas ahead for United Kingdom

November 19, 2019 4:01 PM |

UK Snow

As November finishes half of its journey, more snow days are all set to make an appearance in Britain. In fact, it looks like residents may be able to see not only a White Christmas but also a snowy New Year. In fact, parts of Aberdeen or Manchester could also see some snow.

Next week is expected to see more snow as well as sleet across higher ground with parts of Wales, the Midlands, and even West England may see some snow. This week, however, could see some milder weather with temperatures getting to near normal as a jet stream will result in the cutting off the polar air feed.

However, temperatures will remain below the freezing point in some parts. The final days of November will see heavier snowfall activity with rains being widespread.

These latitudes have original Western Disturbances which then move towards the east and are called Winter Storms. The Western Disturbances that we get are tertiary systems, basically an occluded form of Western Disturbances and do not typically display characteristics.

The Polar Vortex which gives rains over Canada, then travel across Atlantic to Europe, and move around the Globe over water bodies, thus, getting moisture, which is their lifeline.

Arctic swell is an indicator and a prelude to stormy winter ahead. Thus, expect a stormy and snowy Christmas ahead for the United Kingdom.

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