Arctic Blast all set to hit Denmark, Norway, Sweden now

Arctic Blast all set to hit Denmark, Norway, Sweden now

08:41 PM

Snow in Britain

The Arctic Blast has been leaving its imprint on Britain as well. The country is facing the worst snowfall of this season. The temperatures have been plunging and would soon enter minus double figures by the mid of this month.

As per the experts, bombardment of storms from the Atlantic would unleash heavy downpour adding on to the misery throughout this week. The mercury would plummet ahead of next weekend as freezing air would swash in via Scandinavia and Greenland. On Sunday, the residents witnessed a very cold night with further snowfall and was seen much over high ground. As the Atlantic system would further move in from the west, it would bring more rains with hill snow in the North.

As per the forecasters, the severe weather conditions would last till the start of the spring season.

The residents in the coming days would witness gusty winds and rain followed by cold weather. On Monday also, the winds gusted to 100 km/h and abrased the West coast.

Soon, another low-pressure storm system would activate by the later part of the week unleashing another episode of torrential rains and strong winds.

Image Credit: Evening Standard

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