Colossal rains in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh; heatwave in Pakistan

Colossal rains in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh; heatwave in Pakistan

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The month of May is the peak pre-Monsoon season for India. Along with this, neighbouring countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka also see the Pre-Monsoon weather with varying degrees.

Pakistan is similar to North India wherein it comes under the influence of Western Disturbances and cyclonic circulation. Both rain and heat are witnessed during this time over the nation.

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Bangladesh on the other hand is more like East India including the states of Bihar, West Bengal and Odisha where thunderstorm thunderstorms and lightning are observed. Dust storm is a very less possibility due to availability of moisture.

Sri Lanka’s weather is very similar to that of Peninsular India including the state of Kerala. Thus, it remains humid and under the influence of ITCZ generated disturbances in terms of cyclonic circulation and lows.

During the last couple of days, the weather in Pakistan has been rainy as the northern part of the country have observed scattered light to moderate rainfall. Southern parts of Sindh and adjoining areas have observed heatwave conditions with temperatures even crossing the mid 40 Degrees.

Bangladesh has witnessed an extended wet spell, especially the northern parts adjacent to Meghalaya. Heavy rainfall has also been observed in some parts of the country.

In the recent past, cyclonic circulations have moved along the equatorial region from east to west. Due to this, Sri Lanka has experienced more weather in terms of rain and thundershowers.

The Sri Lanka Nation as well as Bangladesh both look forward to the arrival of Monsoon as they see rainfall during all the four months of the season. Pakistan is the last to see Monsoon arrival and the current is quite feeble which only gets activated with the passage of Western disturbances during the month of July and August.

Currently a cyclonic circulation is seen over Comorin region due to which during the next three days, good rainfall is expected over Sri Lanka. A few areas may even see heavy rainfall. Thereafter, Monsoon current will set in shortly towards the last week of May.

A cyclonic circulation is seen over Bihar and adjoining Gangetic West Bengal. A trough is also seen extending from the system. Under the influence of these systems, Northern parts of Bangladesh will see some rainfall activity in the coming days.

The northern parts of Pakistan will also witness some rains. However, southern and central parts of Pakistan will be under the influence of heatwave conditions.

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