Contrasting weather across Pakistan

March 25, 2015 3:41 PM |

Pakistan-RainThe weather of Pakistan in the last few days has been of contrasting nature, on one hand we have widespread rain in north Pakistan and on the other hand we have abnormally high temperatures in central and south Pakistan.

The rainfall in the northern parts of Pakistan is due to a western disturbance (WD) which is an upper air westerly wind system. WD move across the Indian Sub-continent throughout the year but, their effect is most felt in the winters. WDs peak around February.

The current WD is a feeble one but, has caused widespread rainfall in North Pakistan. The places where good amounts of rainfall has been recorded are: Bannu (22 mm), Kalam (20 mm), Rawalkot (14 mm), Malamjabba (11 mm), Pattan (11 mm), Chitral (10 mm), Parchinar (10 mm), Mangla (10 mm), Chaklala (9 mm), Astore (8 mm).

Meanwhile, in central and southern parts of Pakistan temperatures are abnormally high. Some places have crossed the dreaded 40°C mark while the others are hovering close to it. The area in general is experiencing heat wave like conditions. Some of the hottest places in this region are: Chhor (40.8°C), Hyderabad (40°C), Pad Idam (39.5°C), Sibi (39°C), Rohri (38.5°C) and Jacobabad Sibi (38.5°C).

The residents of north Pakistan will have to contend with more spells of rain during the next week as well. As far as the people in central and south Pakistan are concerned they will have to sweat it out as the heat wave like conditions show no signs of relenting.

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