Crocodiles on streets, highways as Queensland floods worsen

Crocodiles on streets, highways as Queensland floods worsen

02:53 PM

Floods in Townsville, Queensland have been wreaking havoc over the Australian nation. At least, four feet of rainfall has been fallen across northeastern parts of Australia in just about a week. Moreover, floodgates of a dam were forced to open in Townsville to prevent a river from overflowing.

That is not just it, Australia, the land of reptiles has a new problem at their hand. The Australian government has warned its citizens to lookout for crawling snakes as well as crocodiles on the streets as floodwaters have also entered the Australian streets.

As per the Queensland's minister for environment, calmer waters are preferred by crocodiles due to which they may move around a bit to look for that place while waiting for floodwaters to reduce.

Crocodiles are expected to be seen in places as they have never been seen before for instance, they may be seen crossing roads, or may be seen in farm dams as well as waterholes after flooding recedes.

Social media has been flooded with crocodile pictures and videos. In fact, a local media shared a video of a crocodile, 11 foot long, crawling on a highway while an image was seen of crocodile outside a woman’s house as well.

Image Credit: Facebook