Cyclone Berguitta: Mauritius gears up as storm nears

Cyclone Berguitta: Mauritius gears up as storm nears

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Cyclone Berguitta: Mauritius gears up as storm nears

Updated on Jan 17, 2018: Mauritius is gearing up for severe Cyclone Berguitta which is currently located 370 km Northeast of Port Louis, Mauritius. In the past six hours, the system moved westwards with the speed of 10 km/hr. The system continues to remain a severe storm and will sustain strength as it remains in the warm waters.

In fact, Berguitta is currently in a zone which is conducive for further strengthening in terms of favourable wind sheer and warmer waters. With the approach of the system, Mauritius has not only closed its port but also the airport today.

The warning levels have also been raised to Class III as Cyclone Berguitta remains a Category 3 storm. The storm is expected to brush past Mauritius and La Reunion.

Thus, heavy rains, flash floods and ferocious winds are expected over the region during the next 24 hours as the storm moves closer.

Image Credit: JTWC

Cyclone Berguitta: Heavy rains, damaging winds likely over La Reunion, Mauritius

Published on Jan 16, 2018: A tropical cyclone named Berguiita is currently in the Indian Ocean as a Category 3 hurricane. The storm is currently in the open seas and is heading close to the Mauritius and La Reunion region.

So much so that the storm will pass dangerously close to the aforementioned regions and may just past the region by tomorrow. Both La Reunion and Mauritius will be on the left of the tropical storm’s track as it is taking a recurve. The storm while in the sea will continue to strengthen and may reach the intense tropical cyclone status.

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Thus, heavy rains with damaging winds are expected to affect the La Reunion as well as Mauritius on January 17 and 18. In fact, landslides, mudslides, flash floods will be affecting the regions. Meanwhile, Madagascar will escape the direct fury of the storm.

Around Tuesday night, rain and wind speed will begin to increase over Mauritius. Moreover, the storm may reach the intensity close to Category 4 hurricane in the Ocean. The cyclone is likely to be at its near peak intensity while it makes its closest approach over Mauritius.

It has not been long since La Reunion and Madagascar were hit by a massive storm Ava which had caused widespread destruction. In fact, the storm had resulted in at least 50 deaths in Madagascar alone with some damage over La Reunion.

Image Credit: windy.com