Cyclone Pabuk to batter Koh Samui, first January storm for Thailand in 68 years

Cyclone Pabuk to batter Koh Samui, first January storm for Thailand in 68 years

06:46 PM


Storm Usman has wreaked havoc over the Philippines resulting in widespread damage as well as destruction. Thereafter, the system weakened into a depression and moved into the South China Sea where it once again picked up pace becoming a Cyclonic Storm yet again.

The Cyclonic Storm, named Pabuk, is currently centered at Latitude 6 degrees North, and Longitude 105.3 degrees East moving northwestwards. The storm has already given very heavy rains over many parts of Laos and Vietnam and has been named as Pabuk.

It had weakened, picked up pace in South China, Cyclone Pabuk and is expected to remain in the open waters for at least the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, during the next 36 hours, the Cyclone is expected to make landfall over South Thailand.

Usually, Thailand does not get affected by storms during this period. If records are to be seen, during the month of January, Thailand has not been affected by any storm in the last 68 years, which means, this particular storm is likely to be an exception.

In fact, Cyclone Pabuk is likely to be the most devastating storm to hit Thailand since the year 1962. In fact, the storm is all set to be hit by strong winds, heavy rain, battering waves and surge. Moreover, some of the most famous beaches and coastal properties are highly at risk.

Not only this, several tourists have run away from the resort islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao as Cyclone Pabuk is all set to bring heavy rains, gusty winds and rough waves. Not only this, the most beloved tourist place, Koh Samui is likely to be battered by floods.

As per officials, thousands of tourists have already left, and more are on their way as Pabuk makes way towards Thailand. After making landfall over Thailand, the system is expected to weaken and appear over the Andaman Sea once again as a weakened system. However, the system is not likely to come up near the Indian mainland.

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