Cyclone Wallace to remain offshore, to spare Pilbara and Kimberley

April 8, 2019 6:14 PM |

Cyclone Wallace

Presently, Tropical Cyclone Wallace is the only storm in the ocean around the globe and is expected to remain offshore. Currently, it is centered at 15°S and 117°E and moving slowly but punched with a speed of 100 kmph. Coastline is more than 400 kms away from this system. This cyclone would spare Northwest Australia (Pilbara and Kimberley); however, the impacts might be felt along the northern coast of West Australia. The center of the cyclone is expected to remain offshore, still the impacts would be felt along the northern coast of West Australia.

The rough sea conditions radiating from the center of the storm are likely to impact shipping interests along the coast of Northwest Australia. This region is considered as a large shipping hub for the export of mining goods.

Boaters and swimmers are advised to remain alert for rough surf and rip current. Rip current is a specific kind of water current which is seen near beaches with breaking waves. They are very powerful in nature.

The experts have to say that flooding is not expected during this time. While, the local weather conditions might result in downpours, thereby resulting in formation of ponds on roads and in low-lying areas.

Conditions don’t seem conducive for development in the wake of Wallace. Also, this Tropical Cyclone is expected to weaken after two days' time once it enters the Indian Ocean. Till then, it is expected to maintain its strength and would eventually decay in sea.

Image Credit: METOC

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