Earthquake of 7.5 magnitude strikes Indonesia, causes damage

Earthquake of 7.5 magnitude strikes Indonesia, causes damage

07:12 PM


An earthquake measuring 7.5 on Richter scale, struck the shores of an Indonesian Island on Friday leading to the local authorities issuing Tsunami warnings over the area right after some aftershocks were experienced, bringing down a few houses and inducing minor damages. The warning however was later lifted within sometime.

Locals are advised to stay away from damaged constructions and remain alert as some aftershocks might hit the island.

The total damage has still not totally been evaluated though a few buildings were reported damaged and one person was killed, however, at least ten people were injured.

Indonesia is an earthquake-vulnerable country and is located on Pacific Ring of Fire.

In fact, Indonesia has seen a series of earthquakes for quite some time. This year also has seen many, including a few in the months of July as well as August which has claimed nearly 500 lives on the touristy island of Lombok, which is an escape for tourists who do not want to visit the more crowded destination, Bali.

In the year 2004, the northern Indonesian island of Sumatra had seen a massive earthquake which had also triggered a tsunami across the Indian Ocean. This natural disaster had killed over 2 Lakh people in 13 countries which includes more than 120,000 in Indonesia.

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