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Elongated punitive winters foreseen for North America due to Polar Vortex weakening

November 18, 2016 4:21 PM |

polar vortex weakening

Elongated punitive winters are just around the corner for few portions of North America. The reason for this harsh weather being the weakening and softening of the polar Vortex.

Basically, Polar Vortex can be defined as a large pocket of frigid air that hovers above the Polar Regions. This air is strongest during the winter months.

The main reason the meteorological Department claims is the adverse effect of the rising temperatures in the Arctic regions. As per the weatherman, due to the scaling temperatures, there is a loss of sea ice in the Arctic Regions, this has basically caused the Polar Vortex to weaken.

Another factor involved in the weakening of the Polar Vortex can be associated with the shift of the cold air towards Eurasia. These two weather phenomenon can possible cause the North Americans to witness extended winter season.

As per the MET Department, during winters, the polar vortex can spread well into the atmosphere making it 100,000 feet deep. Moreover, a stronger polar vortex prevents the stratosphere or a distant part of the Earth's atmosphere, to warm whereas a weaker polar vortex does the opposite.

As claimed by the weatherman, the southern shift of the polar vortex could bring the other end of the same towards eastern North America paving way for extended and longer winters.

Moreover, a stouter polar vortex will grip the cold air northward. When it weakens and shifts away from the pole either by squeezing, splitting or displacement, it will drag cold air with it. .

More snow is forecasted over Eurasia and Siberia due to abridged sea ice over the Barents-Kara seas.

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