Facts vs myths on lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan

Facts vs myths on lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan

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The first lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan of 2018 will occur tonight. Thus, stargazers in India and other parts of the world will get the chance of viewing the super blue blood moon. The blue moon is expected to start at 5:15 pm and last for more than three hours.  A blue moon, lunar eclipse and a supermoon will occur at the same time, giving people a rare glimpse of super blue blood moon.

In India there are many myths about this Chandra Grahan or lunar eclipse.

There are many superstitions that revolve around this lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan, right from restricting consumption of food at a particular time to actually banning people from watching the celestial event live. Scientifically, a total lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, earth, and a full moon form a near-perfect lineup in space.

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Here are the facts vs myths on Chandra Grahan or lunar eclipse that everyone needs to be clear about -

Eating at the time of lunar eclipse causes indigestion:

According to many people, eating during the time of lunar eclipse causes indigestion. Whereas, scientists have made it very clear that eating food or drinking water has nothing to do with the lunar eclipse and it causes no harm to our digestive system.

Watching Chandra Grahan affects your eyesight:

Whenever the lunar eclipse occurs, thousands of people look at it and have not witnessed any sort of eyesight loss or problems. But according to a few people in India, a person can lose eyesight by watching Chandra Grahan as strong rays that are common for any eclipse harms the naked eyes.

Scar for a lifetime:

According to some superstitions, if a person happens to get any cut on his/her body during the time of lunar eclipse then the blood doesn’t stop flowing easily and the scar remains forever. To avoid this injury, people prefer staying at home and not going out for work. Although, there is no proof to this superstation as scars depend on the health of the person and not the moon!

Bath after Chandra Grahan:

Usually, right after the lunar eclipse people rush to take a bath and wash their hair, saying that negative energy and harmful rays will be washed clean by the water. However, scientifically rays cannot be washed by water.

Lunar eclipse harmful to pregnancy?

In India, Chandra Grahan is regarded as a bad omen by many cultures. Many consider it bad even for pregnant women and according to them, watching lunar eclipse may cause one to give birth to a deformed baby. Due to this pregnant women are asked not to leave their rooms during the eclipse. However, scientists say that there has been no evidence to prove that eclipse can be harmful during pregnancy.