Flood deepens misery in Gaza

Flood deepens misery in Gaza

02:57 PM

Flood in GazaIt’s a story of a bare survival. Marred by God’s fury right after the wrath of human activity, thousands of Palestinians in Gaza are attempting to take shelter under rubble or makeshift homes.

Gaza is direly waiting for a blessing, what if it is in disguise.

Gaza is not a weather intensive pocket. However, the week-long torrential rains have come as a curse to the ruined Gaza where people have already lost their homes in the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas. Over 100,000 homes have been destroyed and the recent flooding has swept all hopes of restoration.

Though the Relief and Human Development Agency United Nations (UN), has declared a state of emergency in the ravaged region, it is estimated that it might take a couple of decades to restore Gaza if the requisite material for rebuilding the region which must pass through Israel, persists to trickle.

Infrastructure and spirit of people are weaker and damaged. While the attack has left unprecedented damage and deconstruction, the recent flood is hampering the rescue work in the war-battered zone.

Gaza is already reeling under the aftermath of the Israeli summer offensive, facing acute shortage of fuel and energy. On top of it, the floods have displaced the refugees and others.

No end to Misery

Just a year back in December, thousands of families in Gaza were displaced when a torrential rainfall flooded entire neighbourhood and caused massive damage.

While people were still attempting to bring life to normal, the summer offensive by Israel deteriorated things further for Gaza.

Began on 8th July 2014, the war like situation was a case of rekindled hostility when Israeli teenagers were abducted and killed. Moreover, Hamas claimed responsibility for firing rockets towards Israel earlier during the month. It gave a reason to Israel for blaming Hamas, eventually leading to a crackdown between Israel and Gaza.

The offensive was Israel’s response to weeks of rocket launches by Gaza. The offensive was also in news as it was the fighting that lasted longer than the previous Israel-Gaza conflicts that happened in 2008 and 2012.