Flooding, Heavy Snowfall across California, Washington and Oregon ahead

Flooding, Heavy Snowfall across California, Washington and Oregon ahead

02:43 PM

Flooding in California, Washington

Looks like the West Coast of the United States would be impacted with a series of storms throughout this mid-week. It will be another round of soaking winter weather for West Coast.

In the past one week, California has witnessed dry weather. The experts have to say that not so pleasant weather is expected to continue across the West Coast. More rains with snow over the mountains would be a sight over North California, Oregon and Washington.

With such activities in offing, the outdoor activities might have to be rescheduled. Traffic is also expected to slow down as water might just get stagnated on roadways. Chances of fall in visibility cannot be ignored. Despite all this, widespread flooding is not expected.

It is anticipated that by Tuesday night, another multifaceted winter storm is expected to hit much of California. The coastal areas and the foothills of Sierra would witness a surge in rains. It is likely that flooding can be a sight because many areas have already surpassed their normal rainfall.

With this, travel delays along with flash flooding, heavy snowfall leading to risk of landslides and mudslides cannot be ignored.

Flight delays can also mount as visibility decreases in times of heavy rain and thunderstorms with lightning and small hail are possible throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

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