Flooding to hit UAE, Iran and Oman this week

Flooding to hit UAE, Iran and Oman this week

11:03 AM

middle east floodA series of tropical disturbances will move across the Middle East this week, bringing heavy thunderstorms. This will lead to flash flooding across much of UAE, Iran and Oman.

Locally heavy downpours will develop over the next few days thereby causing normally dry rivers to swell, inundating some roads. The maximum threat of flooding will be from eastern Oman to southeastern Iran. Eastern Oman cities like Muscat and Sohar will be majorly affected by flash flooding this week. A low-pressure system moving over Iran on Tuesday and Wednesday will lead to an increase in thunderstorm activity and these are the days when the risk of flooding will be the greatest. These severe thunderstorms will move into southeast Iran as well and will affect areas from Bahl to Chabahar and inland towards Zahedan.

In Dubai also, rain will occur for several days this week. But the city will escape the flood fury. Despite this, the downpours will lead to travel disruptions. The people in the city have been warned not to drive on flooded roads.

This series of showers and thunderstorms will move in a northerly direction towards Afghanistan and Pakistan this week. While, the flooding will not be as severe as to the south, the downpours could lead to rivers overflowing. Isolated and spotty thunderstorms could develop in and around Karachi this week.

The final low-pressure system is expected to leave the region later this week and this will lead to decreased thunderstorm activity. Dry weather is expected during the weekend.

Image credit: youtube.com