Freezing weather and heavy snow in USA

Freezing weather and heavy snow in USA

07:14 PM

Snowfall In New Year USAThe long overdue winter has finally arrived in USA. Weeks of warmth, rain, and winds have finally ended, giving way to snow and the subsequent freeze. The much awaited ‘arctic intrusion’ into the plains of USA has taken place. In Denver, Colorado, the day started with -12°C, which was near zero since Boxing Day. Oklahoma, which is down in the plains, too experienced a dramatic drop in temperatures from 17°C on 26th December to 3°C on 27th December. Oklahoma City received 10 cm of snow on 27th December.

The cereal crop in the plains can suffer losses if the ground freezes. But if the snow falls first, then it will act as an insulator and when it melts, it will water the ground.




East and Mid-west

Unlike thanksgiving and Christmas, no severe weather is expected in the month end. But people will have to guard against dip in temperatures and wind chill factor. Significant weather is expected only in the Great Lakes region. South Florida will be the warmest spot in the entire country to celebrate New Year eve with temperatures in the low sixties (°F).

Plains, Rockies and Northwest

Coldest air in weeks is set to invade across Plains, Rockies and Northwest in the last few days of 2014 and will last up to the first few days of 2015. Single digit temperatures are likely in this area. People staying outdoors for long should take proper protection as the risk of contracting frost bite or even hypothermia is very much a possibility.


Residents in the Southwest will face the brunt of biting cold air coming from the arctic. Tuesday and Wednesday are likely to be the coldest days of the winter so far, for areas like Las Vegas, Nevada, etc. Snow will pound the mountains and passes from Southern California to four corners. Las Vegas is expected to experience snow at New Year's. Coastal areas of Southern California are likely to witness showers as a storm passes through. Meanwhile, San Gabriel and San Bernardino are expected to receive snowfall.