Hurricane Ophelia hits the British Isles; windy weather in store for UK

Hurricane Ophelia hits the British Isles; windy weather in store for UK

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The remnants of Hurricane Ophelia hit Britain and the Irish Coast on Tuesday before it cleared at night. Strong winds gusting at a speed of 70 mph battered Scotland and flood threat alarm was raised on its west drift as the leftovers of the hurricane hit the nation and northern England.

The weather delayed the commuters off to work as a few rail lines were obstructed by fallen trees. The train services were temporarily hampered between Glasgow and Edinburgh, and from Aberdeen’s capital, Dundee and Perth due to uprooted trees.

In addition to this, many flights all through Cork, Kerry, Shannon and Dublin Airports were annulled. Newry and Downpatrick areas were the worst affected. Likewise, Ribs and the west of England were also battered by the storm.

Ireland experienced the worst of the storm on Monday with intense breezes and waves striking the Coast, that reportedly claimed three lives. Additionally, more than 360,000 homes in the coast were powerless while Ireland declared a ‘national emergency’.

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Schools, healing facilities and open transport shut after a "threat to life" climate cautioning was established by stressed specialists. The storm pulled up air from southern Europe and Africa.

Ophelia's landing concurred with the 30th commemoration of the Great Storm of 1987, which hit southern England overnight on October 15. The storm caused harm assessed at £billion and killed around 18 people.

As per the local Met Department, now that Ophelia has passed, yet the days ahead will even now be blended. Those in the south can expect moist weather conditions, with things somewhat brighter in the north on Wednesday. Light winds are anticipated to prevail throughout the UK.

The spate of Met Office climate notices set up amid Ophelia has now all been lifted. Though, a range of low weight working in the Atlantic is set to hit the British Isles on Friday and Saturday.

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